Target Lice Shampoo by Littlebugs

Littlebugs Lice Elimination KitAt Littlebugs Hair Care, we understand head lice is a common infestation among children and teens, one that is not only itchy and uncomfortable, but embarrassing as well.  Our products are now available to the public, an achievement we are very proud of.  You can now purchase our lice shampoo at Target stores around the country, making it more convenient to remove those pesky buggers without the use of pesticides or other harsh chemicals.

Our Target lice treatment products include shampoo, conditioner, and mint spray to stop lice in their tracks.  Developed by a team of hair care professionals and a chemist, ours is a proven treatment you can rely on to not only prevent infestations of head lice, but eliminate them as well.

We know that spreading lice from one person is all too easy, given that children and teens often share combs, brushes, hair accessories, or even touch heads when taking photos using cell phones. Target Once your child’s head is infested, head lice can spread throughout your entire family.  Not only is the situation stressful, but it also takes a lot of effort to remove them from your bed linens, hairbrushes and combs, etc.  Our Target lice treatment products are made using the highest quality ingredients, ideal for daily use.  Whether your child or yourself use the products, you will find they are highly effective for prevention and removal, even for those with a sensitive scalp.

Rachel and Lisa, the creators of Littlebugs Lice Products

Rachel and Lisa, the creators of Littlebugs Lice Products

The fact is, certain adult lice can be resistant to chemicals used in many treatment products.  When just one or two do not die with treatment, the nits that result can cause an entirely new infestation – it is a vicious cycle, with new lice that are resistant to the chemicals.  Our products are pesticide-free, and extremely effective.

Parents in search of a real solution can rely on our products for the results you expect, and the elimination of head lice.  Why use harsh, potentially dangerous pesticides and chemicals that may or may not work, and often require repeated messy applications?  Find our lice shampoo at Target along with our other quality products, and put those pesky “cooties” to bed for good.  Look for Littlebugs Hair Care lice removal at Target!