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Littlebugs products prevent and treat lice without pesticides or other toxic, harsh chemicals. Ingredients like yeast-based enzymes, olive oil and peppermint naturally eliminate and prevent lice infestations. Littlebugs products include both lice elimination and lice prevention solutions to keep your family free from lice.


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Littlebugs Lice Elimination Kit

Littlebugs Hair Care lice products

  • Contain NO PESTICIDES!
  • Are safe for the entire family.
  • Good for your scalp and hair.
  • Are made from over 96% Natural resources.
  • Are made from 100% Renewable resources!
  • Are 100% Biodegradable!
  • Are made in the USA!

We realize there are many head lice products and treatments available. That being said, we provide a pesticide-free lice removal solution that you will feel safe using to eliminate these pesky bugs from your children, or even yourself.  You may have tried a lice removal shampoo or other treatment in the past.  Some require repeated application, which can be messy and ineffective.  In addition, many head lice products contain potentially dangerous pesticides, which you certainly don’t want to use on your children!

Why are we so familiar and experienced with this issue?  As two mothers of children who have been affected with the spreading of head lice at school, we know what you are going through. Aside from being qualified lice treatment technicians, we are also both registered nurses.  Concerned about using toxic shampoos and “homemade” remedies that may not be effective, we decided to develop our own effective solutions.  Lice is prevalent not only in schools, but nursing homes, camps, and other locations where there are many people present.  Our efforts resulted in heal lice shampoo and other products that are effective for removal, while free of pesticides and other potentially dangerous chemicals.

We understand that parent desire a lice treatment that is affordable and effective.  At Littlebugs Hair Care, we provide lice removal products that are effective and budget-friendly, without harsh chemicals that may or may not be effective.  To learn more about our innovative new head lice removal options, browse our website or contact us a call today at 855-804-8887.

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Summer, a Busy Season for Head Lice!

littlebugs-lice-removalWhile you might assume that since school’s out you don’t have to worry about head lice as much, unfortunately quite the opposite is true.  Summer brings about warm temperatures, which means more outdoor activities and kids getting together to play, have a sleepover, or go to camp.  Neighborhood kids tend to congregate whether it’s to ride bikes, play ball, go swimming, or play in the sandbox.  Lice don’t take the summer off, so don’t let your guard down!

Lots of children and teens attend various summer camps.  Unfortunately, it’s these crowded situations that often result in a head lice infestation.  It doesn’t make a difference whether your kids attend a day camp or one where they stay for a week and sleep away from home, they’re going to be in close contact with others at camp – a prime opportunity for those pesky bugs to spread from one head to another.

What can you do as a parent?  Take a close look at your children’s hair regularly, especially after they’ve been playing with others or away at camp.  With the bright outdoor light during summer months, you’ll be able to spot lice and nits easier.  If you do suspect lice, take action right away to get rid of every nit and louse, otherwise the infestation will get worse and spread to others.

Little Bugs Hair Care provides safe, non-toxic solutions to eliminate those nasty bugs & their eggs without harsh chemicals or dangerous pesticides.  Look for our prevention and elimination products at Target stores!

Head Lice & the Holidays – Are Those Little Bugs on the Increase After Christmas?

best-lice-treatmentWhile it may seem strange that the number of lice infestations would grow over the Christmas and holiday season when most children are out of school for a week or two, the fact is those pesky little bugs love attending a holiday get-together – even though they’re definitely NOT invited!  How does this happen, and what can you do about it?

Lots of families travel to other loved ones’ homes to spend a few days over the holiday season.  Think of cousin Betsy, aunt Mary, uncle Bob, grandma, even little Johnny, the youngest cousin in the family.  What happens when you all get together?  Lots of hugs, lots of reminiscing, sharing great meals – and unfortunately, sharing lice if someone has an infestation.  While we never discourage hugs, it’s the perfect way for lice to find a new host because heads often touch!

If you’re spending a night or two, think about the youngsters and how they share beds or even a sleeping bag.  Another opportunity for those little buggers to infest another head.  Kids don’t think about head lice, and little girls often love to play dress-up, sharing hair barrettes, brushes, and other hair accessories.  It’s the perfect opportunity for lice!

Considering temperatures are cold during this time of year in many regions, it isn’t unusual for kids to share hats or coats, either.  The fact is, while you may not be able to prevent an infestation over the holidays, there is something you can do about it!

At Littlebugs Hair Care, we provide safe head lice treatment using products that are natural and contain no pesticides.  You can find our products at Target stores as well as Shopko Stores, including those designed to prevent an infestation.  Enjoy the holidays knowing that if your child does get an infestation, there’s an easy, effective solution!

Head Lice – Frequently Asked Questions

As a parent, you probably have many questions about head lice whether your child has an infestation or there has been an outbreak at school, daycare, or facility your child attends.  We hope the information below will help provide the answers you need to understand head lice, prevent, and treat an infestation.

Where do head lice come from?

Human parasites, lice do not originate from the ground or air, and are thought to have been around since time began due to the fact that nits (eggs) and dried up lice have been discovered on the scalps and hair of Egyptian mummies.

How do lice spread from one person to another, and do they jump?

Head lice do not have wings or hind legs, and cannot jump, hop, or fly.  They are spread due to direct contact of the hair or head of someone who has lice, and may also spread through the sharing of hair accessories, brushes, combs, even towels or helmets.  You may worry about pillows, headrests, and other items that come in contact with the head, however keep in mind that 24 hours is about as long as lice can survive when not on a human host.

Does every member of the household need to be treated for head lice?

No, not unless lice are present.  Check each family member using a nit-removal comb, and don’t apply harsh chemicals without considering the potential dangers, especially to young children.  Most lice treatment products are hazardous, and not recommended to prevent a lice infestation.  Thankfully, Littlebugs Hair Care products are natural and contain no dangerous ingredients or pesticides, and can be used as a prevention measure.

What about bedding, rugs, upholstered furniture, stuffed animals, etc.?

Many people believe they need to burn stuffed animals and other items, but this isn’t the case.  The good news is that head lice require human blood to survive, so it isn’t necessary to spray pesticides on bedding or furnishings, or to place other items in plastic bags.  Vacuuming surfaces is sufficient to remove nits or dead, dried up lice from carpets and upholstery.  Wash clothes and bed linens as you normally would, and rest assured head lice are not going to invade your home!  They simply cannot live other than on a human host.

Are nits dead or alive?

The answer here is that it really doesn’t matter, whether on an adult or child.  Your time is better spent removing the nits rather than trying to determine if they’re alive.

I tried a well known OTC product or prescription treatment, but now the head lice are back.  How did this happen?

In most cases, what parents believe are a re-infestation are actually a continuation of the original infestation.  Hair must be combed meticulously with a high-quality nit comb every single day for two weeks to ensure thorough removal of hatched nymphs and nits; otherwise, those left behind will mature and produce more – a continuous cycle.  There are also what are known as “super lice” which have developed a resistance to chemicals used in most products found on store shelves.  Thorough, complete removal is key.

Are shampoos designed to remove lice dangerous?

It depends on the individual, as some have conditions such as cancer, asthma, epilepsy, or other pre-existing illnesses that may be potentially dangerous and increase the risk of using products containing pesticides or other harsh chemicals.  In addition, women who are pregnant or nursing could be more susceptible to possible side effects and therefore should avoid the application of common treatments used to kill head lice on their children or themselves.

What are the active and inert ingredients in head lice products?

In some treatments, solvents such as isopropyl alcohol are used to kill lice.  Manufacturers may use such ingredients as “inert” or what is perceived by the public to be a harmless ingredient, or as an active ingredient.  Unfortunately, some of the active ingredients that are said to destroy head lice are stronger in regards to toxicity than pesticides, and “inert” ingredients should never be assumed non-toxic.

Are natural or non-chemical products effective in eliminating head lice?

Remedies that contain no harsh chemicals or pesticides are always preferred over pesticides.  Ingredients such as neem seed oil, spearmint leaf oil, olive oil, rosemary leaf extract, and others have proven extremely effective in both the prevention of head lice, and eradicating infestations.  However, the most important aspects of any lice treatment are thorough, repeated combing and screening.  If you have had dismal results using pediculicides from local drug stores, we highly recommend you try our products – all biodegradable, natural, and effective.

Have questions not answered above?  Simply give Littlebugs Hair Care a call or contact us, and we’ll be happy to provide you with the information you need to ensure your children and family can be free of the itching, irritation, and frustration of head lice.

Back-to-School Lice Prevention Tips

As a parent, you know there are lots of things to take care of when it’s time for the kids to head back to school.  Unfortunately, schools are a primary source of head lice, so you may be wondering about how (or if) you can prevent an infestation.  At Littlebugs Hair Care, we have a few back-to-school lice prevention tips we think you will find helpful.


Littlebugs Lice Elimination Kit

Littlebugs Lice Elimination Kit includes our Nit Spray, Mint Serum, and Metal Micro-Grooved Comb.

  • First, talk to your children about lice and how they are spread from one person to another; also explain how they can prevent “catching” head lice.
  • If your child has longer hair, put it in a ponytail, braid, or bun, securing loose hair or bangs with a barrette or clip.
  • Explain to your child how important it is not to share hair brushes, combs, and other hair accessories or any items that touch the head including scarves or coats, bicycle helmets, even headsets or earbuds.
  • Before going to school in the morning (or daycare, little league practice, or anywhere where other children are present) spray hair with Littlebugs Mint Spray, a product designed with ingredients lice find offensive.
  • Avoid head-to-head contact. Whether it’s playing a game, doing homework, or even taking “selfies” with cell phones to post on social media sites, head contact should be avoided.
  • Have your child store hats, scarves, coats, or other belongings away from others’ belongings. Placing these items in a back pack is a good idea, as items stored in shared spaces such as on coat hooks or in lockers make a good breeding ground for head lice.

If despite all your efforts your child comes home with head lice, it’s best to take action immediately.  If an outbreak is announced at school, check your child’s hair and scalp carefully and watch for tell-tale signs such as itching.  To eliminate an infestation, Littlebugs Hair Care products are natural, contain no pesticides or dangerous ingredients, and effective.  Available at Target Stores, our products can stop an infestation before it begins, or eliminate them once nits and/or eggs have been detected.