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Rachel and Lisa, the creators of Littlebugs Lice Products

Rachel and Lisa, the creators of Littlebugs Lice Products

At Littlebugs Hair Care, we know many moms and parents want the best head lice shampoo they can find when it comes to treatment of a lice infestation.  This is a condition that is extremely common, particularly in schools, daycares, and other environments where a lot of people (particularly children) gather.  Unfortunately, many of the products on the market today contain harsh chemicals and even pesticides that are potentially harmful.  It’s even questionable whether some of these lice shampoos and other products are truly effective.

We know that the best lice shampoo is one that works using quality ingredients that are gentle to hair and scalp.  Many children have sensitive scalps, and parents are hesitant to use harsh products.  Some head lice treatments even leave the hair looking oily, another drawback for many moms who want their children or teen’s hair to look fresh, clean, and healthy.  Our pesticide free lice shampoo is designed to do the job and prevent or eliminate those pesky “bugs” that make the head, ears, and neck itch without leaving hair greasy or the scalp irritated.

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Made in the USA, Littlebugs shampoo for head lice is safe for every member of the family, and healthy for hair and scalp.  You can only imagine how harsh shampoos containing pesticides and other chemicals can be on your hair.  Even those products containing strong chemicals are often not effective, leaving behind just enough “live” head lice to begin another vicious cycle.

If you are in search of lice shampoo to kill super lice, you can trust our products to deliver results beyond your expectations while using gentler and more natural ingredients.  Made using such ingredients as Mentha Viridis (Spearmint) leaf oil, glycerin, and other natural resources, you and your child or teen will be happy to be rid of those itchy bugs, not to mention the embarrassment that often goes along with an infestation.

We know you want the best head lice shampoo money can buy in order to eliminate lice and their nits, whether for your child or yourself.  There are many products that claim to be “the best,” but we have customers who have purchased our products after others failed and were happy with the Littlebugs Hair Care results.  When you want a product that works, plain and simple, count on Littlebugs Hair Care products!  We believe you will be overjoyed with the results.