Treat Lice Once or Twice?

Why is that all other Lice treatments say you have to re-treat again in 7-10 days and Littlebugs does not?

Now, that is a great question! To understand why Littlebugs does not require an additional treatment you need to understand the life cycle of the louse as well as the difference in how Ladibugs works compared to the traditional OTC lice products that contain harsh pesticides.

To have nits/eggs you would have had an adult louse in your hair. The nits/eggs will hatch approximately 7-10 days after they are laid. The following 7-10 days the “nymphs” will continue to grow until they become an adult. Adult lice will survive 7-10 days and then will die naturally. However, during those 7-10 days they can lay on average of 8-10 eggs per day!

The OTC products work in such a way that they will “attempt” to eliminate the live bug with the first treatment. The nits/eggs have such an extremely hard shell that these products are unable to penetrate them to adequately eliminate them. Therefore, the requirement on these products are that you will then need to complete a second treatment after 7-10 days when these nits/eggs will then be hatched.

The Littlebugs Lice Elimination kit offers a two bottle solution that will eliminate both the live bug AND the nit/egg. The Mint Serum will eliminate the live louse within just seconds. The Nit Spray is then applied and will break down the glue that adheres the nit/egg to the hair shaft making them easier to comb out of the hair. Once that bond is broken, the nit/egg is no longer viable.

Because both the louse and the nit/egg are eliminated in the initial treatment of Littlebugs, there is no need to treat again after 7-10 days.