Super Lice – The Nationwide Epidemic

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Lice at different stages of life.

Lice at different stages of life.

While it’s certainly a frightening prospect to parents of children, a strain of head lice known as “super lice” is now rearing its ugly head in many states across the nation.  In fact, it is reported that in Canada, these “super lice” infestations account for 97% of all infestations, certainly a scary proposition.  Unfortunately, this hybrid of lice is proving extremely difficult to get rid of using the products sold at many stores across the U.S.

Thankfully, our Littlebugs Hair Care products are effective even against super lice, and are available at We know that even when a child has contracted this hybrid of lice, using products that contain pesticides or other dangerous chemicals is something you want to avoid.  Our complete line of all-natural products work to eliminate even the toughest breed of those pesky, itchy buggers that spread from one person to another like the plague!

What exactly are Super Lice?

Simply put, a genetic mutation has resulted in head lice that are resistant to a family of insecticides (pyrethroids), an ingredient in most over-the-counter products designed to kill lice.  Recently, it has been determined through a national study that these super lice have been found in people in over 48 U.S. states – and the numbers continue to grow.  No doubt even more states will be added to the list as time goes on considering how difficult it is to kill these “super” bugs using traditional products!

What can you do?

Our Littlebugs Lice Elimination Kit and Littlebugs Prevention products are super effective in the battle against head lice – even the “super” variety.  Instead of dangerous pesticides, our products are developed using peppermint, olive oil, yeast-based enzymes, and other natural ingredients that are proven to not only eliminate super lice naturally, but prevent infestations to begin with.  Gentle to hair and scalp, but super effective against lice and their nits.

At Littlebugs Hair Care, our business is eliminating and preventing head lice without the use of harsh chemicals that are potentially dangerous and usually not effective.  Find all of our products at and get rid of super lice once and for all!