Littlebugs Launches Line of Pesticide-Free Lice Removal Products


Now Available at select Target Locations Nationwide

Hudson, WI – (June 1, 2014)  – Littlebugs™ Hair Care, a line of hair care products for lice prevention and elimination is now available at select Target stores nationwide. Littlebugs products prevent and treat lice without pesticides or other toxic, harsh chemicals.

Head lice can spread easily. They may go from one person to another through direct contact, or they may be passed through shared items, such as combs, brushes and towels. Lice have become resistant to certain chemicals found in head lice treatments, but now there is an option to treat your family with an effective pesticide-free treatment—Littlebugs Hair Care, now available at 75 Target stores across the country, including Minnesota, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Oregon, Louisiana, Maryland, New York, Kansas, Ohio, Virginia and Florida.

Littlebugs also offers a 24 hour, seven day a week free hotline to serve as a resource for parents dealing with lice.  Parents can call 1-855-804-8887 to talk to a lice expert to get all their questions and concerns answered any time of the day or night.

“Families deal with an estimated 6 to 12 million lice infestation each year in the United States,” said Littlebugs co-founder. “Parents do not know where to turn when they find a lice infestation, but now they will be able to go to their nearest Target to take care of the problem.”

Developed with a chemist and a team of hair care professionals, Littlebugs Hair Care products include lice elimination solutions starting at $21.95, that will keep your family free from lice.

The elimination kit includes Littlebugs Mint Serum, a non-toxic pesticide-free serum blended with Grape seed oil and peppermint that soothes the scalp while eliminating the louse; Nit Spray made from natural oils is a first-of-its-kind lice-fighting tool using a specialized mint formula to help ward off head lice; and the Littlebugs nit Comb.

Littlebugs provides families with a safe and highly effective all natural pesticide-free head lice control that contains the highest quality ingredients in every product. Featuring natural ingredients, the line is pediatrician approved, laboratory tested and paraben-free.

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About Littlebugs, Inc.

Littlebugs, Inc. was founded in 2012 as a head lice removal company by two moms and registered nurses. Littlebugs developed its own line of chemical-free lice removal and prevention products that are available in select Target stores nationwide. For more information on Littlebugs, Inc., visit





  1. I used this product for the first time the other day. It is AMAZING! It is the only product that i have found so far that works. I am so grateful for this product. The only downfall is the comb is a bit painful for my child and it rips out hair. Other than that I am a 100% satisfied customer. Thank you!

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